Friday, 25 November 2016

one of the cool things that i did this year was present of planetes. The planet that i did was mars because it's really cool it's  red, my favourite colour TOO! I was really nervous and scared to present because everybody's looking at you. But after you present it's cool they ask you some questions and then i say to myself it feels good to get it of my chest.And it's also in french.

Friday, 4 November 2016


 On our slide with,Alejandro and Salah,We will talk about cyberbullying and to stop doing it.

What is cyberbullying,Cyberbullying is when you start saying bad things to a person online like:
Your so route you should die on hell because you betrayed me.

If you cyber bully someone you should stop because,It is a bad idea to do,cause if someone does that to you,you will feel like you have no friends.
Other reason why you should stop is because,if you're in that guy's school and they got you,like they know is you,Teachers will be calling home and probably get suspended from school.

AnOther reason why you should stop cyberbullying is because,God doesn't like it